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Borough Office

1) There are three types of printed forms used for the following purpose at borough offices 

 (A) Building Plan proposal form u/s 174 H.M.C Act 1980.
       Price Rs 25/- to be held of from the store department of central
      H.M.C office. 

(B)  Three types of mutation Application form:-

         (1) Absolute Mutation          form No-1
         (2) Separation of Mutation    form No-2 

         (3) Amalgamation Mutation   form No-3

Forms can be obtained from Stores Department of central H.M.C office on payment of Rs.5/- each.

(C)  Application form for New water connection
       Price Rs 5/-, to be obtained from Stores Department of central H.M.C office.

(d)  Application form for new drain connection
      Price Rs. 5/-, to be obtained from Stores Department of central H.M.C office.

2)  To obtain Services at Borough office like

    (1) Repairing of Street Tube wells and taps 
    (2) Leak repairing in water pipe line up to 150M.M Q End 
    (3) Complain against Un-authorized construction, 
    either written or message over Telephone to be lodged in the Borough offices respectively.

3) (A) For submission of Building plan, there are three types of Rates according to volume of covered area viz (1) Rs 100/- (2) Rs 250/- and (3) Rs 500/-. For details contact with any respective Borough Officer.

For Sanction of Building plan, Renewal of sanction Plan and dropping fee for unauthorized construction, Rate schedule is included in the building section.

3) (B) There are two types of rates for mutation application submission fee i.e. (1) Cause of inheritance Rs 200/- and (2) In other cases Rs 500/-

(3) (C) Water Connection fees are as follows:-

  Measurement of formula 3/8 '' (9m.m.) Q Rs.1500/- as connection fee + Road Restoration Charge (a) W.B.M Rs 532/- per m2 (b) Cement concrete Bed Rs 767/- per M2 and (c) Bituminous Road Rs 1142/- per m2 according to the condition of Road respectively. This is upto 7 m width.

(3) (D) Ferrule cleaning charges Rs 250/- + Road Restoration charges as per condition of road
            Surfaces mentioned above.

(3) (E) House Drain connection fees is Rs. 500/-
           Road restoration charges is the same as mentioned above.

 The fees mentioned above to be paid in the nearest Bank where C.D account is maintained by the Borough offices.

Necessary deposit challans are prepared in the Borugh offices on the same day when applicant/Depositor is ready to pay the fees.

(4) For Lodging grievances, either written complain to be submitted at Borugh office addressed to the chairman / chair person or to the Assistant Engineer of the respective Borough Howrah Municipal Corporation or over phone.

After receiving the Complain, the Assistant Engineer tries his level best to solve the problem with the services Engineers, Clerk's,Peons,Mistry and Majdoors' end, if required, he also contacts with the central office or discussed in the Borugh committee for redressal of the problems. The Chairman / Chair person and the other Councilors of the Borugh Committee also helps the Assistant Engineer in this matter.


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