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D raft D evelopment P lan

The West Bengal Municipal Act of 1993 requires Municipalities and Municipal Corporation to prepare a DDP covering a period of five years.

Every stage of DDP preparation requires participation from stakeholders. The suggested process believes the stakeholders are aware of their own problem and issues.

Areas of planning

Table 1: Areas of Planning



Component 1:
Land Use and

Sub-component 1.1: Slum Infrastructure

Water Supply
Solid Waste Management
Local drainage
Access Roads, with adequate street lighting
Social Infrastructure (e.g. for health, community spaces)

Sub-component 1.2: Intra-municipal Infrastructure

Water Supply
Solid Waste Management
Area level storm water drainage
Roads, bridges and traffic management
Social Infrastructure (e.g. health, education, parks & gardens)
Markets, Public conveniences

Sub-component 1.3: Trans-municipal Infrastructure

Water treatment and transmission
Treatment of sewerage, and area drainage
Solid waste disposal
Roads, bridges and traffic management
Social Infrastructure (e.g. health, education, sports, recreation)

Sub-component 1.4: Environment

Ambient Air Quality including Noise
Land contamination
Water quality of sources like streams, rivers, ponds and lakes
Biological Diversity - Flora and Fauna, Green cover
Built and Cultural Heritage

Sub-component 1.5: Land Use Development

Zoning and development
Land required for healthcare, education, recreation and public utilities
Schemes for development and use of land
Resettlement and rehabilitation of potential evictees from informal settlements

Component 2:
Social and

Sub-component 2.1: Livelihood and Poverty

Schemes and programmes related to poverty alleviation and
Livelihood improvement

Sub-component 2.2: Local Economic Development

Regulations related to licensing, taxes and levies on business establishments

Support to local trade and business associations
Infrastructure (e.g. linkages to markets)
Sub-component 2.3: Healthcare
Delivery of primary healthcare services
Delivery of preventive healthcare, disease prevention and public
health programmes

Sub-component 2.4: Education
Primary education

Component 3:

Sub-component 3.1: Organization Development

Organization Structure
Staffing pattern and job descriptions
Training and capacity building
Sub-component 3.2: Process and Systems Improvement
Accounting Systems and Processes
Procurement Systems and Processes
Personnel Systems and Processes
Sub-component 3.3: Citizen Interface
Grievance redressal system, Citizen's charter
Information dissemination and transparency
Sub-component 3.4: Financial
Revenue Improvement, including cost recovery
Cost Reduction
Expenditure and asset management
Long-term financial planning - capital and revenue incomes and expenditures
Public-private partnerships

DDP of Howrah Municipal Corporation

DDP was introduced in Howrah Municipal Corporation on 7 th September 2005. DDP preparation Howrah Municipal Corporation takes into consideration the principle of participatory approach in respect of all 13 subcomponents of DDP. The Ward level workshop have been conducted in all the wards where proposals have been put forward by the people of Howrah. Presently on the basis of the demands plan is being prepared in all the 3 components. The plan has a tenure of 5 years (20072012).

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