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 Procedure for obtaining Records

 Fees Structure for Obtainiing Records

 Fees Structure for Searching Records


Services provided to public on application and payment of fees thereof:

1. Issue of certified copies of the extract from the Register of Births and Deaths;
2. Issue of certified copies of Assessment Book;
3. Issue of certified copies of Record of Rights;
4. Issue of certified copies of Survey Sheets;
5. Issue of certified copies of License Demand Register etc.

N.B: As mandated in the Citizens' Charter certified copies of Assessment Book and Record of Rights, have to be issued within 21 days. For 'Tatkal' service it is done within 24 hours on payment of extra charges.

Procedure for obtaining records through Record Section:
1. Intending person has to submit application in prescribed form for the purpose.
2. Applications are received between 11-30 am and 1-30 pm on weekdays and between 11-30 am and 12-00 p.m.  on Saturdays.
3. Records are delivered to public between 3pm and 4pm on all working days except Saturdays.

Fees structure for obtaining various records:

1. Copy of Birth/Death certificates on Tatkal basis- Rs.100/- per copy.
2. Copy of Birth/Death certificates on ordinary basis-Rs.50/- per copy.
3. Copy of Assessment Book Rs.11/- per copy.
4. Copy of Record of Rights Rs.5.50 per copy.
5. Copy License Demand Rs.6/- per copy.
6. Copy of Survey Sheets Rs.9/-to Rs.14/- per copy depending on category.

Fees structure for searching records:
1. Birth and death Register prior to 1980 Rs. 50/- per year.
2. Birth and death Register after 1980 Rs.10/- per year.
3. Assessment Book Rs.8/- per year.
In case of any difficulty, Secretary, HMC may be contacted for redressal.

Note: The above-mentioned fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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