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The history of Municipal Administration dates back to 1862 when the Howrah Municipality was founded. The Howrah Municipal Corporation in its present form came to being in 1984 when the Howrah Municipal Corporation Act, 1980 was implemented. In the Corporation Act the administration is carried out by a Mayor-in-Council under the leadership of Mayor, assisted by the Commissioner and Officers. The whole Corporation area is divided into 50 wards from which 50 Councillors are elected.

The Corporation has an area of 51.74 sq. kms and its present population is 10.08 lakhs (Census, 2001). It has grown from a population of 1.58 lakhs in 1901 to 10.08 lakhs in 2001. It is a Cosmopolitan City and people of different religions live harmoniously. Majority of the citizens speak Bengali but Hindi, English & Urdu are also spoken by a good no. of citizens.


HMC WARD MAP (1 - 50)