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Applications for new licenses for Trade and Callings along with xerox copy of Partnership Deed for Partnership business, Lease Deed for lease-hold land, copy of Memorandum for Private Limited Company, Rent-Bill / Tax Bill along with other related documents are received in the Central Despatch Section of HMC and then sent to the License Department within two to three working days. After the application is received by the Department, the same is sent to the respective Inspectors after making a note in the docket register. The Inspectors inspects the site and submit Inspection report to the License Officer. The License Officer issues the order to take License fees.

Contact Person: License Officer Address:4, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Howrah - 711 101. Phone Nos. : 2638-3211/12/13; Extn. 277. 

As per the decision in M.M.I.C meeting dated on 09/06/2006 and 28th Corporation meeting dated 24/06/2006 the Citizen’s Charter published vide notification No. 249 (Gen)/Gen/Comr./2006 - 07, dated 19/02/2007. Certificate of Enlistment (Trade License) can be had from License Dept. by an applicant within 15 days from the date of receiving application by the Dept. and within 8 days (in case of Tatkal Service) by tendering additional fees of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five hundred).

Assessment of license fee is done as per HMC Act 1980 (as amended upto 2000) & as per Revenue Regulation, 1996. Complied with the decision of M.M.I.C. meeting, item no. 75 dated 21.07.2000 & 22nd Corporation meeting, item no. 1 dated 27.07.2000. 

There are five classes or categories of Trades/Business/Profession/Callings under Section 102 of HMC Act. Section 190 are imposed upon for storing the materials used for trading purpose @ Rs. 3/- per sq. ft in case of big 

Categorywise Certificate of Enlistment (Trade License) Fees as per HMC Act 1980 (As amended up to date) & HMC Revenue Regulation Act 1996 are stated below.

In case of non-payment of licenses fees, a 50 % amount of fine equivalent to license fee as per the provisions of Regulation - 26 (ii) of HMC Revenue Regulation, 1996 is imposed on the defaulters as per M.M.I.C. decision from 2003-04 at the time of renewal of license fees. Payment of license fees may be paid either in cash or bankers' cheque/demand draft.

Citizens may lodge grievances related with license by an application directly to the License Officer, HMC or to the higher authority such as Commissioner, Member, Mayor-in-Council or Mayor Howrah Municipal Corporation. Redressal measures are taken through hearing in presence of the complainant and / or both the parties and the officials.