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Water Supply

     The Water Supply of HMC is from Padmapukur Waterworks which has a total capacity of about 70 MG per day and at present supplies 40 MG per day to the wards 1 - 44 and some parts of other wards from 45-50.  Most of the wards from 45 - 50 are supplied by KMWSA through deep tubewells. There are three underground reservoirs (UGR)s located at Kona Expressway, Salkia and Belgachia are working while that of Tikiapara would be put into operation very soon. 

     There is a modern water testing lab at Padmapukur WTP for testing the quality of potable water.

     For new connections or ferrule cleaning, pipe changing and site shifting including leakages of distribution mains the Concerned Borough Offices may be contacted.

     For major breakdown, the Chief Engineer & Assistant Engineer (Water Supply) or the Plant Superintendent (Padmapukur) may be contacted at +91-33-2638-3211/12/13.

Contact Name & Address:

Padmapukur Water Treatment Plant                                                               Howrah Municipal Corporation
9, Andul Road,                                                                                                4, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Howrah - 711 109.                                                                                          Howrah - 711 101.
Phone: +91-33-2688-5520                                                                             Phone: +91-33-2638-3211/12/13