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In addition to normal works of Stores Department, salable forms of any kind are sold from here. Ordinarily not more than one form is sold to a person for a particular purpose. In case more than one form is required, it may be applied for to the O/C Stores and may be sold only on his written permission. Further, tender papers (for tenders issued by this Department) are sold against permission of the Competent Authority. 

The forms are sold as per following time schedule:

1. From 11 am to 1.30 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm on weekdays.
2. From 11 am to 12.30 pm on Saturday s

The prices of different forms are as follows:
I. General Application form Rs.10.00
II. Assessment Demand Register form Rs.5.00
III. Trade License form Rs.5.00
IV. Mutation Form No.1 Rs.5.00
V.  Mutation Form No2 Rs.5.00
VI. Mutation Form No3 Rs.5.00
VII. 190 Trade Storing form Rs.5.00
VIII. Water connection Rs.5.00
IX. Drain connection Rs.5.00
X. P.W.D form (contractor) Rs.10.00
XI. Birth/Death registration form Rs.5.00
XII. Birth certificate form Rs.5.00
XIII. Death certificate form Rs.5.00
XIV. Assessment objection form (GR) Rs.1.00
XV. Building Form Rs. 25.00
XVI. Building Rules Rs. 100.00

The above rates are subject to change without prior notice.