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Major activities of   the department

 1. The department mainly deals with the issue of written permission/occupancy certificates of errection of new buildings and for addition and alteration of existing buidings.

2. The department is also entrusted with the task of controlling unauthorized construction, change of use and insecure buildings as per provision of HMC act. Revenue regulations, HMC Bulding Rules and Mayor-in-council decisions.

3. The department also monitors, submits affidavit and complies the orders of civil and criminal court cases (Supreme Court, High Court, Kolkata, Howrah District Court and Municipal Court) related to the provisions of the sections concerning the building department.

4. FIR lodging, demolition action, public redressal are also the functions of the department.    Apart to this, the Building Department has to prepare draft rules & regulations.

5. Mannually operated record store is to be maintained by the department.

6. Empanelment of L.B.A./L.B.S.-I and II.

All functions of Building dept up to G+ 2 levels are done by borough offices abd above G+2 are done from Central Office situated at 4, M.G. Road, Howrah - 711 101 (4th floor, Annex Building). Phone: 2638-3211/12/13.

 1. Borough No. I
 28, Sri Arabinda Road, Salkia,
 Ph: (033) 2655-7187.
 Ward No: 1-9, 11

 2. Borough No. II
 43, Jelia Para Lane,
 Ph: (033) 2665-0888
 Ward No: 10, 12-19, 29 

 3. Borough No.III
 82, Narasingha Dutta Road,
 Howrah-(033) 2640-5359
 Ward No: 20-28, 43

 4. Borough No: IV
 446, Sarat Chatterjee Road,
 Ph: (033) 2688-1270
 Ward No: 30-38, 40

 5. Borough No: V
 57, Sastri Narendra Nath Ganguly Road,
 Ph :( 033) 2627-0182
 Ward No: 39, 41, 42, 44-50

SECTION 173 to 183

1. The HMC Act 1980 (Amended till date)

2. The Howrah Municipal Corporation (BUILDING) RULES, 1991 (Amended till date)

3. The Howrah Municipal corporation (REVENUE) REGULATIONS, 1996.

4. Decision of the Mayor-in-Council.

Checklist of Documents required to be submitted for Building Plan Sanctioning as per rules:

 1. Documentary evidence of right, title and interest of the applicant

2. Parcha & parcha search report for detection of land classification
3. Conversion certificate, if required.

4. Receipt of deposition of development fees, if applicable.

5. Width of lane/road/common passage on front.
6. Whether easement right of the road/Lane/passage if required.

7. Genetic history of the property showing involvement of the right, title, interest of the applicant.

8. Mutation letter, Copy of the Demand register.

9. Current Tax clearance certificate.

10.Side Open space, Front open space, Back Open should be as per rule. (Section no-25, 21, and 22)

11.Side street angle, Front street angle, Rear angle. (Where ever applicable as per section 18, 19).

12.Joint Open Space, Open space for courtyard.

13. Open Space is available as per Rule-6 nos of notice and 6 nos of building (1 Blue print and 5 Ammonia print)

14.For revision as per rule 61 of H.M.C Building rule 1991.

15. Area of Mezzanine floor as per rule.

16. Proposed height of Building, permissible height of building.

17. Proposed Service area.

18. Whether means of access of front passage or road is les than 5.0m

19. Whether any B.M.R case is running.

20. Covered Area.

21. Width of Road.

22. Agreement of Tenant if any (thorough affidavit).

23. General Affidavit.

24. Affidavit submitted regarding use of proposed construction.

25. Affidavit of L.B.S and structural Engineer.

26. Soil test report and certificate from Jadavpur University, BESU or National test house.

27. Structural stability certificate from structural Engineer.

28. Notary public and executive magistrate affidavit for site plan where deed plan is not available.

29. Indemnity bond for land ceiling permission if necessary under UL (C & R) Act 1976

30. Deep foundation of basement work.

31. Fire for approval from Wets Bengal fire Service under WBFS Act.

32. Deed for power of attorney where necessary.

33. Previous sanction plan of Borough office regarding existing structure.

34. Others document is required for building rule/M.I.C meeting decision/Govt.Orders etc.

35. Submission of Sanction forms.

36. Clearance of section 6(3) of WBEA Act.

Maximum Permissible Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.)

Width of Means of Access (m)

Residential Buildings

Educational Buildings

Industrial Storage & Hazardous Buildings

Assembly Institution Buildings and Mercantile Buildings including mixed use buildings

Up to 3.5





Above 3.5 to 7.0





Above 7.0 to 10.0





Above 10.0 to 15.0





Above 15.0 to 18.0





Above 18.0 to 24.0





Above 24.0





Restriction imposed by MIC

For ward nos. 1 - 44, height up to 11.5 metre is allowed for building to be allowed.
For Building to be constructed abutting street more than 3.5m width and where 50% open space has been proposed, height up to 14.5m is allowed upon voluntary gift of 3m in front of side to H.M.C]

Sanction fees for Buildings
Formula: [Rs. 20.00 + Rate according to the following table 1 + (proposed, existing and sanctioned) total area according to table 2] X total proposed area 

                                              Table 1

 Width of Approach Road (metres)

Rate according to the road width (Rs.)

 Up to 3.5  0
 >3.5 up to 7.0  1
 >7.0 up to 10  2
 >10.0 up to 15.0  3
 >15.0 up to 18.0  4
 >18.0 up to 24.0  5
 >24.0 up to 27.0  6
 >27.0 up to 30.0  7
 >30.0 up to 33.0  8
 >33.0  9

Table 2
Rate of fees according to (existing, proposed and sanctioned) area

 Total Builtup Area (sq.m.)
 Rate (Rs. per sq.m.)
 Up to 100  0
 > 100 up to 200  10
 > 200 up to 300  20
 > 300 up to 400  30
 > 400 up to 500  40
 > 500 up to 600  50
 > 600 up to 700  60
 > 700 up to 800  70
 > 800 up to 900  80
 > 900 up to 1000  90
 > 1000 up to 1100  100
 > 1100 up to 1200  110
 > 1200 up to 1300  120

Description of sanction Fee for Building:

Let, 15.0 m. wide. Road.
New proposal of area 2240 sqm. (Existing area nil)
Sanction for: (20+3+220)*2240=Rs. 5,44320/-

In this way for every 100 sq. m. increase in area over and above 1300 sq meter, there is an additional fees of Rs. 10 per 100 sq. m. subject to a maximum of Rs. 250 per square meter.

Water charges and stacking fees extra

Wet Work Charges

For Ground Floor & Mezzanine Floor: Rs. 12/- per sq. m.

For First Floor & Above : Rs. 10/- per sq. m.

Stacking Fee

1. If total Proposed floor area of building up to 115 sq. m. then stacking fees + wet work charges is fixed at Rs. 1500/-
2. If total Proposed floor area exceeds 115 sq.m. but within 230 sq. m. then the stacking fees is fixed at Rs. 7000/-
3. If total proposed floor area exceeds 230 sq m. but within 465 sq m. then the stacking fees is fixed at Rs. 13500/-
4. If total proposed floor area exceeds 465 sq. m. but within 930 sq. m. then the stacking fees is fixed at Rs. 27000/-
5. In case of all building exceeding 930 sq. m. proposed floor area then the stacking fees is fixed at Rs. 35000/-

Renewal of Building Plan

The building permits have been valid for a period of three years with provision for two renewals of three years each, provided that application for renewal is submitted within the date of validity of a building permit and provided that necessary renewal fees are paid as may be decided by the Mayor-in-Council from time to time.


1. Irrespective of all floors a renewal fee is at the rate of 10% of sanction fees or Rs. 500 which ever is higher is fixed.
2. Stacking fees and wet water charges will not be included in case of calculation of renewal fees.
3.  A fine of Rs. 300 will be charged along with renewal fees in case of delay application for renewal for six months after expiry of validity period of sanction (3 years).
4. A fine of Rs. 600 will be charged along with renewal fees in case of delayed application for renewal exceeding six months but within one year after expiry of validity period of sanction (3 years).
E.g. Let total sanction area be 560 sq. m. and deposited sanction fees is Rs. 18084/- Renewal fees = 18084 x 10% = Rs. 1808.40, which is greater than Rs. 500 so renewal fees is Rs. 1808.84

Some Remarks:

1. The sanction fees will be doubled in case of a residential building having height 36 metres or more.

2. In case of charitable institutions, religious institutions or government aided educational institutions, the sanction fees will be in accordance to the MMIC meeting decision taken on 24/11/1984, the rate of which is Rs. 50/- only for the proposed construction area of 500 sq. ft. Rs. 100/- for proposed construction area above 500 sq. ft.

3. In case of R.T. Shed, Asbestos-Shed or C.G.I. Roof buildings the sanction fees will be half the rate of R.C.C. Roofed buildings.

4. In case, if any building or part of it is used for purposes other than residential, then the rate of sanction fees will be doubled for the non-residential portion. 

5. For conversion of asbestos shed, C.G.I. Roof or R.T. Shed to R.C.C. roof, the road width, land area and purpose of use is to be considered and for which the sanction fees will be one-sixth (1/6th) of the sanction fees in case of R.C.C. structures. This is to be considered as conversion fees and wet work charge and stacking fees will also be one-sixth (1/6th) as usual.

6. Revised plan sanction as per rule 61 ----- 
10% of sanction fees (excluding water charges and stacking fees if proposed area is not excess of the sanctioned area)
10% of sanction fees including water charges and stacking fees if the revised plan's floor area is in excess to the submitted floor area (applicable to excess area only). 

 Action against Unauthorized Buildings as per Act 177 of HMC (Amendment) Act, 1999 (w.e.f. 17.04.2000)

Order of Demolition or Stoppage of Buildings and Works

 Where the erection of any building or the execution of any work in pursuance thereof has been commenced, or is being carried on, or has been completed without or contrary to the sanction or in contravention of any of the provisions of this Act of the rules and the regulations made there under, the Commissioner may in addition to any other action that may be taken under this Act, make an order directing that such erection or work shall be stopped or demolished or such addition or alteration there to made as the Commissioner may consider.